Monday, 28 May 2012

Look what our blogging buddies have been up to!


  1. Hi Room 11
    It's so nice to see you online! Well done on setting up your class blog. You have some great blog posts for us to read. I love the one about 10 Hearty Pirates Sailing out to Sea!!!! Thanks for posting it on your blog - we hope you are enjoying it!.
    Room 3 have decided that we will be visiting your blog on a regular basis.
    We can't wait to see what you get up to.
    Happy blogging.
    From Mrs Laburn and Kids with a view in Room 3

  2. Dear Room 11
    Thank you for putting our pirate video on your blog. Did you enjoy it? What are you learning about? We are learning about animal patterns and camouflage. By Tiffanny and Anya Kids with a view

  3. Thank you for putting our pirates movie on your blog. What are you learning about in your class? From Neeve and Zana Kids with a view

  4. Thank you for sharing our video. Do you like it? We had so much fun making it? From Bradie Kids with a view

  5. Hey Mrs King I really like the Lorax wallpaper of the Lorax From George.

    1. Hi George, thanks for your comment. The Lorax wallpaper is so bright and colourful. We've been learning lots about colour this term so I thought it would really suit our blog. I loved your class Lorax stories. You guys are so clever! See you. Mrs King

  6. Hi Room 11
    That is our Do-matey-Do that our class made. It sounded loud on the active board.
    How are you going with learning.
    I got really interested in that.
    By Jack Kids With A View

  7. Hi room 11.
    Thank you for putting us on your blog.
    Do you like our video?
    I love your blog videos.
    What have you been up to?
    Do you like our pirate costumes that we were wearing.
    From Kids With a View.
    By Jacey, Nicoles and Tiffany.