Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thanks Senior School from Mrs King

What an exciting morning we had. It was so cool seeing the tiny, noisy red dot in the sky head toward us then grow and finally land on our field as the Westpac Rescue helicopter. 
Here is a link to the NZ Herald  - Go Point View! What a great cause to support!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

westpac helicopter visit by dylan and kai

today the westpac halecoper  came to school.

westpac helecoptor lands on field by Connor and Archie

Today the westpac helicopter landed at pvs on the field today.

Westpac Lucy

The Westpac helicopter has landed on the field.

Westpac By Tyler & Henry

the Westpac helicopter with famous All Black Jerome Kaino

Westpac Visit by Jessica

On Wednesday 23 May Room11 saw the Westpac helicopter land on the field.
Everybody was moving back words because of the helicopters wind flying around.

Helicopter Visits PVS by Sam and Niall

Today the westpac hellicopter landed in the center of Point View School feild with All black jerome 
Kanio he plays as a blundside flanker and he plays for the Blues his jersey is 8 in the blues and all blacks. He was runing around the field highfiving the kids it was so wicked (: .

Westpac Helicopter visit

On Wenesday the 23 of May

 I liked when the Helicopter landed and made the strong wind and it almost blew me away.

westpac by sophie

I like the cool blog. When the wind blew, all of the grass flew down to the steps when the helicopter landed.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Welcome to our class blog! We are looking forward to telling you all about our awesome learning!