Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cross Country Stars

What a fabulous, fit class we are!
On Wednesday (finally) we got to race in the school cross country.
Everybody tried soooo hard.
There were 3 mini Usain Bolts in Room 11
Archie came 1st in Y3 boys.
Sophie came 1st and Lucy 3rd in Y3 girls.
Great job everyone, I was very proud of you all!
Mrs King

Cure Kids Song

Cure Kids Song

Sophie Shared this song with us. It was put together by Flight of the Concords, who interviewed a whole lots of kids. Finally the songs was sung by many different NZ musicians.
Click on the link and enjoy!
You could even ask your parents to buy a copy from iTunes and support a great cause!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Christine, Tyler, Lauryn spanish afternoon

On the 21st of August 2012, Room 11 had a spanish afternoon with Room 21.We had food and a QR code hunt. We had Room 21 buddies.We used icing sugar and made them look like the spanish flag.

it was Awesome

Go Spain!!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Middle school mini olympics By Henry Denny Calvyn

On Tuesday we had our middle school mini olympics.Henry Denny Dylan Thomas Tim Conner for the       Bum shuffle canoe relay.We came second  (spain whole class came second)

Zoo trip by Sam Tim and Niall

We went to auckland zoo two weeks ago. First we saw the red panda witch stood up.  Then we went to the tigers the tiger was huge it came right up to the glass. We also saw the elephant Pooing in the middle of our photo.

Spain by Lucy and Nikisha

Yesterday we had a spanish afternoon. We brang spanish food from our house. We did a treasure hunt we had to find QR codes and scan them on the iPod touches and iPads. It was really fun because we had yummy foods that we have never tasted.

Mini Olympics by Connor,Kai and Dylan

On 14 of August we represented Spain in the mini Olympics there was canoe,bat and ball bounce,speedy shape box,hoola hooping and pairs skipping.

Mini Olympics by Ryan and Tom

We did mini olympics Tom"s sport was bum shuffle canoeing relay.

Ryan"s sport was hula hooping.

Tom got a silver medal.

WE CAME 2ND!!!!!!!!!!!!

mini olympics Olivia and Hillary

 On 15 august 2012 it was mini olympics  day Room 11 was representing Spain our class won a medal in each game so we came second.We were the only year 3 class that won,we were very very happy.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Our Team Song

Olympic Photo Album

 Here we are cheering on our team

Chopstick Challengers go for gold

 Kai on the highest podium
 Go Gloria!
 Hillary and Olivia, our pairs skipping champs
 Hillary, our multiple Olympic medalist
 IOC members present Lucy with her medal
 Relays are so exciting! Go Henry!
 Dylan paddles up the lake
 Great concentration from Tim
 Lucy leads our team
 Huge cheers from the side line for Team  España
 Smiling and canoeing are the secret to success
Concentration and fancy moves

¡Viva España!

"Hola, Hola Hola, Spain, Spain Spain!"

R11 came 2nd equal in the Middle School Mini Olympics - woo hoo!
We hula hooped, shape boxed, chopstick challenged, bum-shuffle canoed, batted the balls and pair skipped. We were awesome!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Diggers For Sale

Last term we made some amazing diggers.

This term we made adverts to sell our diggers.

See if you would be convinced to buy one of them from us...

Monday, 13 August 2012

Tyler Connor

This Blog is fantabulous I love it I do not know how to describe it