Monday, 28 May 2012

Air Ambulance arrives at Point View School


  1. Hi room 11. Did you know that Jerome Kaino is a very famous All Black? Did you hear all the shouting when the helicopter arrived? By Joshua and Benny.

  2. Hi Room 11, welcome to the world of blogging! In room 12 we are also learning to be pro bloggers, maybe we could help each other? Have a look at our blog We look forward to reading more interesting posts and leaving you some comments.
    From your next door neighbours :)

    1. Hi neighbours!
      This is so modern, we are right next door to each other but we are communicating through our blogs... ha ha ha. Oooo we didn't know you had a blog, we will have a good look and leave you some comments too.
      Happy blogging
      Mrs King and R11