Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hi Room 11 My name is Mrs Beveridge and I teach at a school in Hamilton. I came across your BLOG by accident when I was looking for ways that we could make our school a fun and enjoyable place to be outside. You see our school is quite new and the classrooms are all lovely and fancy but the outside of our school hasn't been finished. I saw all these great photos on your BLOG of you working outside. It looks like you have some sort of really nice garden. Can you please tell me more about it? I'd love to show the principal at my school and see if we could set up something like that at our school. What are the fun things that you can do there? Are there different activities? Do you have a favourite? I'm really looking forward to hearing from you and seeing what else pops up on your BLOG. Your friend from Hamilton Mrs B


  1. In our hive we have lots of things like a maze,big hill,sand pit. by tim room 11.

  2. hi mrs Beveridge the garden you were talking about is called the hive
    thank you for posting a comment on our blog


  3. Hi Mrs Beveridge I am one of the students in Room 11 we are going to persuade your principal on getting a place of garden,maze and a sandpit and definitely a propagation area just like our school in Auckland we hope it persuades your principal!!!!!!!!!!

    From Tyler in Room 11

  4. You should get a hive like us Mrs Beveridge because we got a maze and sandpit it is awesome!From Connor

  5. Hi mrs Beveridge we think your talking about the hive. Because the hive is really fun with lots of cool activities and with lots of flowers and plants, and thank you for the comment


  6. You should have a hive like us Mrs Beveridge because we got a maze,hill & a sandpit!

    From Kai